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Group photo at Hilton Barbados

Publicity Portraits

We are aware that many businesses today invest large sums of money in making sure their websites reflect a true image of their products and/or services.

Brooks LaTouche can provide the quality high resolution photos that you will need.  Our photographers are knowledgeable and have years of experience in capturing photographs of your managers, directors, front line staff, buildings and plant.  And remember: your high

res images can also be used at other times in the

production of newspaper articles or magazines as well as e-mailed to printers or producers of high quality publications.

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Publicity Portrait
Photo Books

Customise Books

Looking for Photo Books?  Brooks LaTouche can provide you with a 40 page, hard cover, 11x8.5 or 13x10 photo book. They make great gifts to give to that special staff member of their retirement party.  Another great gift idea for photo books are their favorite West Indies players.

Order a book.

Interior & Exterior

Construction  |  Property for rent or sale

Brooks LaTouche can supply you with high quality photographs and/or images of your organization, physical buildings, hotel accommodation, and whatever

else you may need to have photographed. Ideal for brochures and websites, we aim to please and are ready to cater to your needs.

Landscape of Sandy Lane
Interior of long table
Exterior of house with pool

Special Events

We understand the importance of preserving the memories of your Christmas or anniversary party, Sports/Fun Day, Social event and other fun activities.

Let us record the opening of your new business or the launching of your new product by supplying clean, clear, professional images. Why not print those special photographs and let us strategically present them in one of our beautiful albums?  The choice is yours!

Party Pin-on
Party Group

Advertising &


Brooks LaTouche is your number one choice in helping you to record those very important moments when you recognize your staff, peers or students for a job well done, or even make that worthwhile contribution to a deserving charity.  Let us capture and preserve your milestone events for use in newspapers, in-house magazines/newsletters as well as your company website.